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Updates on KC Events and Sushi-Inspired Dishes

Our blog is full of wonderful ideas we come across as we’re preparing our dishes for you.  After work, we sometimes get together and think of interesting experiences and ideas we’d like to try.  Some of our ideas can be found on this sushi blog just for you to review.


What Types of Sushi Are Easy to Make at Home?

Sushi is vinegared rice that has been topped with other ingredients. Making sushi at home is not only much cheaper than buying at a restaurant, but also very easy and fun. This is one thing you'll enjoy doing during the weekend, maybe as a form of bonding exercise...

How to Try Sushi to Know What You Like

People’s tastes vary according to individual preferences. If it’s your first time tasting sushi this guide will be pretty useful so that you do not end up eating something disgusting. For your first experience with sushi I do recommend you take caution and be more...

What is a Towel for in a Sushi Restaurant

One of the main reasons for the towel is to keep the cutting board moist.  As a sushi chef, you want control over the cutting board. In fact, one of our sushi chefs is religious in how he keeps his towels prepared.  He'll use three side towels, and then and one for...

How to Get the Best Sushi Ingredients in Kansas City

When you want to prepare your own sushi at home, you might need to know what the sushi ingredients are before going to the grocery store.  With sushi, there are new ingredients which you might not be used to seeing.  In this post, we will explore some of the best...

Where to Buy Sushi-grade Fish in Kansas City

In Kansas City, there are many options for sushi restaurants that are ready and eager to serve you, but when you might be in a mood to learn and cook sushi in your home, do you know where to go? Where do you go to buy sushi-grade fish in the Kansas City area? When...

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