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Can I eat sushi when dieting? I asked myself this question a couple of hundred times in the past few months. At the beginning of May 2018, I noticed myself picking up weight, picking up a pound here and there isn’t anything major so I let it side until I noticed I went from a size eight to a size twelve. That kind of weight gain is screaming at you: “Hey! You need to lose those pounds my friend!”

I’m a big fast food restaurant eater, and restaurant owner. One day, after visiting my favorite restaurant supply kansas city provider I got the hankering for sushi. I was heart broken at the thought that I couldn’t eat that delicious food because I was on a diet? I wondered, if there were alternatives, ways that I could eat good food and lose weight. I asked myself: What are the best options for me?

Whale in Transit

Gaining a pound every now and again isn’t something to stress over. It’s when your blubber starts hanging that you need those warning bells in your head to start ringing. Letting yourself go can happen so unbelievably easily that I can’t even begin to describe it to you; one day you’d be fitting into your best pair of jeans and then the next you’re a bloated whale needing help pulling on your socks. Let me tell you, I was huffing and puffing during the recent install of my fridge appliance parts kansas city. Trust me when I say tying to shave off those love handles is a God given test of patience.

Fishy Gain

The day I realized I needed to go on a diet, I was consumed with fear. I had no idea how I was going to cut out so much ‘goodness’ from my life. I knew I had to, but it was difficult. For almost two weeks I kept up a calorie controlled diet that did not have me losing weight. I was so frustrated I was literally in tears. One evening though I grabbed my handbag and thought to myself: To hell with dieting, if I get out of shape at least I’m enjoying myself. That kind of thinking didn’t last long thought. I was silting and waiting on my order when I was hit by – in my opinion – Divine Intervention. Fish is lean meat that holds natural oils, and is a great source of a variety of vitamins, minerals, potassium, iodine, etc. Then I wondered, “Could I keep sushi in my diet and not worry about more weight gain?” The answer is yes. Eating Sushi and losing weight? I couldn’t believe it and if you can’t well I’m more than happy to enlighten you.

The Goodies in Sushi

Most people throw sushi completely out the window because of one big deciding factor, rice. White rice is a major stopper in weight loss, but don’t let that deter you from eating the food you love. Yes, while rice is a perceived weight gainer, but so are many other foods eaten in excess. Fortunately sushi has rice alternatives but before we go through those I want to guide you through exactly what you’re taking in when eating sushi and how it’s working with your body.

First and a big plus is sushi equals fish in most cases and fish equals omega three, which is pretty common knowledge but what isn’t is that fish omega three’s are weight loss instigators, they may help you shed that layer of fat that you cart gel rid off.

Seaweed Health Benefits

Nori or seaweed, contains tyrosine and iodine which supports thyroid functions, now your thyroid balances out your hormones and it becomes important because, drastic changes in hormone levels can also lead to weight gain. Seaweed helps keep the balance and as an added bonus seaweed contains a lot of fiber with no calories! I was super excited when I found out about this, calorie-less fiber helps you feel fuller for longer periods of time and also delays those annoying hunger pangs. Tell me this does not excite you.

Rice vinegar is quite extraordinary as well as it is ideal for digestion but also helps you to absorb nutrients from other foods you eat. It’s a great weight loss inducer and it balances out some of the more peskier ingredients in sushi such as soy sauce which is high in sodium and if it were not for that rice vinegar would leave you feeling bloated and just terrible.

These three ingredients in sushi are pretty much jumping out with so many health and weight loss benefits. Since we’ve established benefits to some of the most used ingredients we still need to address the issue of the white rice. White rice is a no-go if you want to lose weight but sushi can’t be sushi without rice and as much as I agree with this I have to say it’s bull. There are plenty of great rice alternatives for sushi that leave sushi to be sushi just not in its purest, holiest form.

White Rice Substitutes

White rice can be subbed out with cauliflower rice which is high in fiber making it great for digestive purposes and makes you feel full quicker reducing your calorie intake. What’s great also is that most places do serve cauliflower rice sushi rolls.

Quinoa can also be subbed in for rice, it is high in fiber making it good for digestion and it is also gluten free! It’s an up and coming star in restaurants serving sushi.

Lastly arborio rice which is actually risotto rice, this is a home cooking secret really. Arborio rice has antioxidants present that help to boost the metabolism which is great help to the weight loss process. With great sushi comes great responsibility.

With everything you do or eat, too much is not good for you and even with all the added bonuses of weight loss by eating sushi, you still need to be conscious of how much you eat. Sushi is a very seductive temptress and before you know it you’ve eaten twenty sushi rolls. I must stress that although it’s good you have to try and keep it under ten. It does not matter if you’re male or female you need to watch how much you’ve eaten because, yes, you’re eating food that is good for weight loss but overdoing it by eating too much would just negate the effect.


With the word of caution out of the way, I hope this have given you food for thought and I wish you the best of luck as you face the diet tide head on. Tell us about it!