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One of our favorite things to do on Red Friday in Kansas City is to make redfish sushi. This Red Friday is extra special because it is the first time we have ever seen our favorite football team go to the Super Bowl this weekend!

In Kansas City, people wear red-colored clothing on the Friday before a Chiefs game. It helps to get everyone in the mood for the Chiefs to win.

Since the players won’t be coming by our restaurant today (since they’re in Miami getting prepared for the big game), we wanted to list some advice for them.

Listen to the Coach

In the past, we had players with bad attitudes– some of them threw penalty flags in the crowd with outrage. During the Super Bowl, we can’t have that — we need harmony, and good attitudes. It’s starts by listening to the Coach, Andy Reid.

As our Latin friend Julio would say, “If coach asks you to jump, you ask how high? If coach asks you to suck it in, you ask which fajas colombianas reductoras abdomen should I use?” The same philosophy goes with assistant coaches, too.

First Mover Advantage, and Last Mover Advantage

We’ve seen success as a football team when we are the first to strike a touchdown. It builds up momentum, and keeps the crowd roaring, especially when the defense is on the field. We need that type of start in the Super Bowl. When we get the ball, we need the offense to commit to the drive ending in a touchdown.

The same goes with being the last mover advantage. The way to beat the opponent is to also have the same movement for the last quarter of the game. With the same intensity, drive down the field to get touchdowns. It would be nice to have some lucky breaks (and pick 6’s) along the way, too!

Enjoy the Moment

Super Bowls are always fun because you know that one team will achieve their life-long dreams of earning a Super Bowl Ring. We’re excited to see The Chiefs in the Super Bowl to pursue their dream, and hope to have their dreams fulfilled.

Winning the Super Bowl would be a great feat for this City! The excitement is already in the air. And we can already hear the roar in our hearts of, “First Down!”

We look forward to watching the Chiefs perform their best during the Super Bowl this weekend. We’re making preparations now in case we get the chance to attend the victory parade in Kanas City next week. With so much excitement in the air, sometimes it’s a great idea to just sit back and enjoy the moment — perhaps, even eat some sushi, too? Cheers to you, Kansas City! Soak up the moment. We’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time.