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This photo of Kabuki Springs and Spa is courtesy of TripAdvisor

The other day, we were brainstorming new ideas for the blog when one of our employees offered an unique idea to expand our offering.  According to her research, she found that there’s a spa in Los Angeles which offers a sushi meal for patrons of the Couples Massage.  With their service, they offer an entire experience with a high-end spa products coupled with a sushi meal for two as a way to differentiate themselves in a competitive market.  It’s an offering that we had to consider even further, as we are always seeking to expand our offering the Kansas City Area.

Networking with a Local Spa

Being that Sakae Sushi is based in KC, we wanted to see how we could approach this concept within the local area.  By talking with a local spa, we were able to find a viable partner who is open to the idea for offering a sushi meal for patrons of their spa.  With this concept in place, a sushi meal would be presented for customers who are getting a massage in Kansas City.  It would be a co-op which could benefit, both, the local spa and our company’s business, too.

Testing the Idea

To do the test run, we provided a variety of sushi meals for the spa for the the spa owner to consider to offer during the Couples Massage appointments they had booked.  This was aimed for market testing purposes to gauge the feedback from local customers.  From the feedback, we would further fine-tune the offer and only provide the types of sushi meals that suited the spa’s customers.  Out of 45 people that were asked to whether they would like a sushi meal (for their Couples Massage appointments), approximately 23/45 people said they would enjoy a sushi meal.

Considering Feedback

Now that we have a better idea for how we might go about this in the KC Area, we would like your feedback!  We know that that sushi meals are offered during Couples Massage in LA, and we know that some of the patrons of a local massage are open to the idea to enjoy a sushi meal, but we would like to further fine-tune this offering to be something unique and special.  That’s why we’re asking you this from the blog.

Do you believe that offering sushi during a couples massage in Kansas City would be a service upgrade that you would consider benefiting from?

By doing research, we found that TripAdvisor has also featured this type of service, too.  The featured business was located in a different city, though, the idea could still be applicable to patrons of the spa in KC.

Right now, we’re doing more research and market testing to understand the true potential for partnering with a local spa.  If you have any feedback, it would be greatly appreciated!

For example, we would love to hear your experiences as to whether you’ve ever experienced this type of service upgrade in a different city?  What types of sushi did you enjoy during your massage experience?  Would you go about offering the sushi by being presented in a different way?

We know that those whom read this blog are a pretty active bunch!  Feel free to contact us with your experience and any ideas you might have about this unique offering!