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We’re really going to have to celebrate when this whole thing is over. Are you tired of hearing about the Coronavirus, too? Join the crowd.

Since mid-March, the nation has been frantic to learn about the virus that is causing many local businesses to either lock their doors or completely change the way business is done. For us, you can always check the menu and call in advance.

Since the beginning of this whole ordeal, I was hoping that it wouldn’t affect my ambitions with getting my dream car at Kansas City motors company, but this whole scare is getting out-of-hand.

To started a blog to be open to you all, and give you an idea of our vibe. However, the way things are starting to look, a blog might be the only way we can make it through these tough times. We hadn’t expected The Year 2020 to be like this, and I’m sure neither did you.

Kansas City is experiencing a rise in COVID-19 cases, and there is no known cure nor vaccine, yet. Which is problematic for local business owners — and customers, too!

We all have to standby and wait this out. We will be here, and you know where to find us. Just practice social distancing and crave our yummy foods until the travel ban has been released. That’s all we can do for now.