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In Kansas City, there are many options for sushi restaurants that are ready and eager to serve you, but when you might be in a mood to learn and cook sushi in your home, do you know where to go?

Where do you go to buy sushi-grade fish in the Kansas City area?

When you’re looking to get fish for sushi in Kansas City, you need to be careful.  Fish, in general, can cause it’s own concerns when you’re cooking it, and sushi fish has it’s own unique challenges.  Fish, if not prepared well, can harm your health.

So before any names are named, keep an eye out, and choose for yourself.

What I can Say

I could say that we may or may not get our sushi-grade fish here, but that can’t be revealed on here, unfortunately.  Also, when you’re considering the locations, always check the star reviews.  We believe we chose the right suppliers for sushi-grade fish for you, but just check for yourself, as we’re not doctors nor do we play them on the internet.

What we do specialize in is Sushi in Kansas City, and you probably already know that.  So now on to how you might find other people who specialize with providing sushi-grade fish around town.

Top Spots for Buying Sushi Grade Fish Locally

Below is a list of places you might go to for attempting to your do-it-yourself sushi project.  The list is in alphabetical order.

What do you think?  Would you add any to the list?

There are a lot of options for fish out there, but you need to understand whether the fish you buy will be usable for your sushi project.  This is why you must consider where you might want to buy sushi-grade fish before you actually go out to purchase the ingredients.  The best type of fish for your dish, might to be difficult to find!

Please consider reading our blog, and we look forward to serving you with new content soon.